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We want to give you free access to a huge library of biblical content that will help you develop and strengthen your faith whenever you need it most. Think Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, but with content to equip families, resource groups and develop leaders.

We believe that RightNow Media can help equip and unleash followers of Christ to disciple others and live like Jesus in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and around the world.

It is not a replacement for Sunday or community. It is a guide, a supplement, a starting point. It is meant to stimulate conversation, to invite a common learning environment and strengthen existing or new groups.

Simply put: RightNow Media is a customizable video library for every person at Fellowship. We believe this is a critical investment in you for your continued development, growth, and spiritual maturity. You will find content for parenting, marriage, men, women, small groups, pastors, leadership, Christian living, work, biblical finance, mission & outreach, evangelism, recovery, college, singles, students and kids.

So, as part of our disciple-making movement and desire to see your continued spiritual growth, this is a free gift to you.

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RightNow Media is available on ROKU and can be streamed through Apple TV or a SMART TV. Learn more here.

Having trouble using RightNow Media? Get support here.

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